Welcome to Ghent!

Vzw Espats is proud to present the third Ghent Tango Festival, organized biennially! Three days of authentic traditional Tango in the most beautiful city of Belgium!

"Asking citizens of Ghent what they think of their city is a pointless exercise: you’ll find only unanimous love. And with good reason. Ghent is one of Europe’s greatest discoveries – small enough to feel cosy but big enough to stay vibrant. It has enough medieval frivolity to create a spectacle but retains a gritty industrial edge that keeps things ‘real’. Tourists remain surprisingly thin on the ground, yet with its fabulous canalside architecture, wealth of quirky bars and some of Belgium’s most fascinating museums, this is a city you really won’t want to miss.

It's surprising how Belgium has managed to stay so quiet about Ghent for so long. Once medieval Europe's second largest city, over the past century this unsung treasure of a town has developed a strong artistic bent, and is now one of the best places in Europe for culture - there are many fantastic museums and galleries here, and more listed buildings than any other Belgian city.

Ghent's architecture is elegant and imposing, particularly along the scenic old Graslei harbour, and grand medieval cathedrals and the Gravensteen castle congregate nicely around the central public squares - the largest car-free area in Belgium. And when you've soaked up enough architecture, there are many welcoming bars and cafes along the banks of the canal."

Source: Lonely Planet


Fabian and Josefina Carlos and Mirella Roberto and Maricel

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Ashvin Emilio Erich Jens Ingo Marie Jeanne Wim

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Thursday 24th of January 2019
Special Workshop!

19h00 – 20h15:

Special Workshop: Chacarera! By Maricel and Roberto!
Opening Milonga

20h00 – 01h00:

Opening milonga with DJ Marie Jeanne (BEL)!
Opening dance by the Maestros of the Ghent Tango Festival 2019!
Optional Dresscode: The Great Gatsby!
Friday 25th of January 2019


Theater room:
Tango Salon -Intermediates- Roberto & Maricel
Posture, circulacion on the dancefloor and demarcation techniques.


Technique for closed embrace - All Levels - Carlos & Mirella
-FULL: Registration closed-

Are you stuck or out of balance during the dance? In this workshop we will work on the key points for your dance and embrace to stay balanced ,having a comfortable and stable dance in a tight hug until the end of the song in close embrace!


Adornos for leaders and followers -Advanced- Fabian & Josefina
When should you embellish? Adornos are elements that embellish our dance and knowing how to perform them at the right time, in the right amount and above all, musically.
Grand Milonga

21h00 – 02h00:

Grand milonga with DJ Enrique de Tango (NL)!
Performance by Maricel Gomez & Roberto Leiva!
Dresscode: Masqué!
Saturday 26th of January 2019
Seminars (Max. 10 couples)


Seminar 1 -Intermediates- Roberto & Maricel
-FULL: Registration closed-

The techniques of the giro in close embrace and open embrace. Dissasociation and using elements in the transition of the movement, boleos y barridas.

15h00 - 18h30:

Seminar 2 -Advanced- Fabian & Josefina
-FULL: Registration closed-

Valsecito cruzado/Cross Vals: Rhythmic possibilities and structures in Cross Vals (Fast Turns and changes of direction, Voleos and Ganchos on vals timing) vs Valsecito criollo/Creole vals: Rhythmic possibilities and structures (Walking sequences)

Workshops (Max. 15 couples)

12h00 - 13h30:

To Play with Paradas! -Intermediates- Carlos & Mirella
Discover all the hidden comunication inside the “Paradas”. Different ways to start and finish, with little ornaments for him and her!

19h30 - 21h00:

Giro's with Barridas -Advanced- Carlos & Mirella
Turn with Barridas using centrifusion, contraposition and velocity!

Tea Time Milonga

14h00 - 18h00:

Afternoon Milonga with DJ Wim -Ouiiim- (BEL)!
Grand Milonga

21h00 - 03h00:

Grand Milonga with DJ Ashvin (USA)!
Performance by Fabian Peralta & Josefina Bermudez!
Dresscode: Gala!
Sunday 27th of January 2019
Special Workshop!

16h30 – 18h30:

Special Workshop: How to DJ! By Dj Ashvin!
Seminars (Max. 10 couples)


Seminar 3 -Intermediates- Fabian & Josefina
-FULL: Registration closed-

Milonga lisa/Smooth milonga: Basic elements of the milonga lisa, rhythmic possibilities and delicious little structures vs Milonga con traspie/Milonga with stumble: Basic elements of the milonga con traspie, rhythmic possibilities and delicious little structures

15h00 - 18h30:

Seminar 4 -Advanced- Roberto & Maricel
-FULL: Registration closed-

Choreografed sequences: The construction and how to make sequenses using different elements (steps,sacadas,giro, boleos),creativity and development of the physical memory in the construction of sequences

Workshops (Max. 15 couples)

17h00 - 18h30:

Flexibility in the embrace: Between the closed embrace and the open -Intermediates- Carlos & Mirella
When, why and how to open and close the embrace during your dance, without losing El Ace! Transition between closing and opening of the embrace, points of contact, points of communication.

Brunch Milonga

11h00 - 15h00:

Brunch Milonga with DJ Jens Ingo - With his Vinyls! (BEL)!
Closing Night Milonga

19h00 - 01h00:

Closing Night of the Ghent Tango Festival 2019 with DJ Emilio "El Fueye" (IT).
Performance by Carlos & Mirella Santos David!
Location: CC Meulestede
Optional Dresscode: The Godfather


Seminars & Workshops

To register for the seminars and workshops, please send an e-mail to info.espats@gmail.com stating:

You will receive an e-mail from us with the details of payment and after we received your bank transfer, you will receive a confirmation number which you will need to enter the workshops.

**If you don't have a dancepartner you can still register for the workshops. However, you will first be placed on a list according to your desire to lead or follow. You will only receive confirmation of your registration after we have found a partner for you.
We do however highly advise you to bring or arrange your own partner as the pairing of leaders and followers will be randomized and we can not take factors such as age, height or eye-colour into account.

Don't forget to check your spam folder, in case you didn't receive a response within 3 days.

Seminar/Workshop Prices:

Private Classes

All of the Artists of the Ghent Tango Festival are available for a very limited amount of private classes. For prices and schedules, please contact us through info.espats@gmail.com.

Milonga Prices:


Cultural Center Meulestede De Lijn


All of the events of the festival will be located at the Cultural Center Meulestede


Meulestedekaai 29 - 30
9000 Gent

How to get there?

Other than by car; Belgian Bus company “De lijn” has a service on Busline 6, that stops in front of the venue and can be taken towards the venue in different places throughout the city center.

See the stops Line 6 makes


Throughout the festival food will be available in the Café downstairs.




The closest hotel to the Venue is the brand new Ibis Budget hotel.
Busline 6 stops right there.
The city of Ghent has many beautiful and interesting hotels and Bed-and-Breakfast locations.
Many of them just a short drive from the Festival venue.


The 2019 Ghent Tango Festival is proudly sponsored and supported by:

CC Meulestede
Accademia de Tango - Genova Tango Portenas